Losing My Blogging V Card


Hey there, It’s me… Sam. I did it, I am going to do it! I started a blog and I have no idea where this is going to go. I love adventuring  and I have decided to take all of you with me! I usually get caught up in my head and have no place to put all those thoughts. So here I go.

This blogging idea was sparked by the New Year for sure. I have quite a few different adventures coming up in 2017 and I thought to myself, “hey, why dont you just start a blog”. I wanted to jump right in and do a video blog of all my crazy adventures, buuuut I got talked out of that one by my wonderful sister (thankfully). But who knows what the future will hold for my vidoe blogging! I am going to start small and see where this takes me.

You should go check out the wonderful “About” section to find out a little about me and see if I am someone you want to listen to for awhile! I promise I am one crazy little young lady and will have a lot to say! There will be ups, downs, ins, outs and arounds… I want to be as open minded as I can. I feel that we live in a world driven by the word “awkward….”. We live in this fear of Awkward. “Oh I cant do that… They will think I’m awkward.”, “That is so awkward to get up there in front of everyone, I cant do that.”. I hate this word, let’s go crazy and embrace the Awkward!

I have know idea if this thing will be a once a week, once a month or just whenever the hell I feel like it kinda blog. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. All I know is I have an andventure coming up and I am going to Love sharing it with you!

I hope this blog will connect me with some people! I am new to the blogaspher and would love to hear feedback. I always have an open heart and ears for anyone who may need them! Get at me and I will get back at you! I love people and learning new things.

Talk to you all soon!