Two Weeks In and Dancing On

Hellllo friends, coming to you for Kansas City! CRU is finally in full swing. Second weekend on the road and this weekend was exactly what I needed after last weekend. 

Last weekend kicked off my dance competition life! I headed off to the Windy City. I love that Chicago with all my heart. It was a great weekend with long hours, but well worth it to see my CRU family again. This weekend was Kansas City, which is our city of the perfect mix of west coast and east coast. I got to see some of our amazing west coast staff I hadn’t see in a long time. The dances were so great this weekend. It is wonderful to get to watch a routine you know these kids poured their hearts into! My jobs definitely keep me busy but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I cannot explain how incredibly happy I am to be part of this family and to grow with the experiences I am getting. I honestly could not imagine who I would be without the experiences I have gotten working with CRU Dance! Not only have a learned a lot about myself in the past three seasons but I have also gained a new love for the art of dance. I love people who share a drive for passion like I do. To me dancers overflow with passion. I have learned that you have to be passionate about dance if you want to be good at dance or it just won’t work. 

Jump back to my new job in Grand Rapids… This week is going to be a short one for sure. I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before I hit the road to Basking Ridge! I wish my life could be this Go Go Go all the time. I am young, ambitious and optimistic and I need a face pace life style to keep me entertained. I don’t hate the traveling around the country part either. I would hands down rather be work stressed then personal, emotional stressed any day. Sleeping in is a memory of the past, but who needs sleep when you are living the dream?! I do miss my little monster (Ram) back home and he will get plenty of cuddles the three nights I am there.

I was just filled with excitement from the weekend and had to get this out. I know it was short and disorganized, but at least you know I am alive and well. I lack a lot of motivation at night during the week so I took this high and ran with it. I will keep you guys posted on Basking Ridge! That is me work/fun weekend. I am heading to Philadelphia after the competition and I’m going to see what kinda trouble I can get in to! Night y’all, keep yourself positive; no matter what brings you down!

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