I Got Feelings…

Alright, alright I’m not talking about emotions, although I do have a lot of those too. I have those gut feeling, you know the ones.. The ones that make you smile for no reason at all, the ones that put you at peace when you are at your lowest of lows. The ones that make you know everything is going to be fine. I have been having a lot of those feelings lately and I kinda just want to get them out of my head and out here for you all to know about. Maybe they will help you guys with those little feelings you think you’ve been having, but have been pushing them to the back of your mind! 

It wasn’t too long ago that I said to one of my friends, “So… I have feelings, you know” and she said “wow, that’s great. Good for you.” It was all fun and was good for a laugh, but these feeling have been roaring lately and I can’t help but think it’s a positive sign of what’s to come. One of the first feelings I’ve been having is about work. I have always thought it would be fun to experience city life. To experience the convenience and energy of a city. Yes, Grand Rapids might not be the city of all cities, but here I am working in Grand Rapids. I have the opportunity to experience a city. It’s funny how some people remember certain things about you that you tend to forget. My cousin reminded me a while ago that I used to love to take day trips to Grand Rapids just for the heck of it. It’s funny how when you stop to think about situations, you can see that you are just pulled to certain things. How was I supposed to know my love for GR would one day grow into having the opportunity work there? Little connection like that are what cause the feeling I get! I can’t help but smile when I think someone is working His magic up there to make sure I see these connection. I always try to see the big picture in life. 

One feeling I’ve been having “mixed feelings” about is in the relational field. It’s kind of like my craving to want to live in a big city and get out of my little town. I never thought it would happen, but just like that, here I am today. As much as I think I can see my future and exactly what I want, I know there is going to be a few twist and turns along the way! This feeling makes my heart glow. It feels good all the way to the core, that I know I will be taken care of when I least expect it. When that day comes I will look back at all the little gears and connection that went into place to give me what I have in that moment and what I craved for. Life has a funny way of spiraling around and round till it stops. When it stops you realize you are exactly where you need to be and the journey was more fun once it was over. Life happens at its own pace and there is nothing we can do to speed it up or slow it down as much as you wish you could. I’m still working on my patience. But it’s nights like tonight, when my Feelings are burning, that I smile and know everything is going to work out!

Hope my random evening thoughts help you guys sort though your feelings. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to always listen to your gut. Your heart can get misled by love and infatuation. Your mind can get clouded in the land of dreams. As for your gut, it always finds a way through “Loveland” and “Dreamland” to get you right to Peaceland. 

Night y’all, keep those feelings strong!

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