It’s Monday!

Happy Monday bloggers!

First things first, I am declaring march the month of productivity. I am setting up for a busy month and I am hoping that will lead to a solid productive month. It will all be about balancing work and play. I will have to find some free time to keep myself sane! I am wishing you all a productive happy March as well!

Things coming up in march, this weekend starts my CRU life style. Which I have missed so much! I am heading to Chicago this weekend, which is followed by a four day work week in Grand Rapids. Which is then followed by hitting the road Thursday night for Kansas City’s competition. I’ll get back Monday night for a three day work week, to jump right back on the road Thursday for Basking Ridge. Basking Ridge is my favorite competition because it is only an hour away from New York City!! I like to be a little selfish when it comes to this trip and take a day to go into the city. New York is definitely not my favorite city but there is something about the energy of the city I just love! I like to make little pit stops along the way into New Jersey because the New Jersey/Pennsylvania boarder is just so beautiful. It is nice to get out and stretch my legs with a little hike along the way. 

I am so excited to start back up with the dance company. I have met such Incredible people through this company and my life would not be the same without the opportunities this company has given me. It has opened my eyes to my passion for traveling and my drive to pursue a career in the entertainment/event managing industry. I have found that I work best in a fast pace, in your face, get stuff done kind of environment! I need a job that keeps me on my toes. 

Enough about work, you will get filled in with all the trips and adventures later this month. I have decided I’m going to keep a scrap piece of paper to write all my thoughts down on throughout the day. A.) because I don’t want to forget a thing, B.) I feel like handwriting is lost and I want to brush up on my writing skills. I’m hoping writing my thoughts down during he day will give me a little more motivation to blog at night. I have found that I enjoy free styling a little bit more then just typing out what I’ve written for the day. I will find a happy mix eventually! 

On a random side note, (that’s what life’s really all about, is side notes) I cannot get this crazy dream out of my head. It has literally been stuck up there all day! So if anyone has any good ideas on how to get dreams out of your head, please let me know. I’ll think it goes away and then I find myself laughing and telling myself, “Whoa girl, you crazy! Put that dream away..” Speaking of laughing… I think it is important to be able to laugh at yourself. I don’t know how many times a week I laugh out loud at my own jokes. Then like a crazy person I look around for someone to tell this hilarious joke to and no one is around. this only makes me laugh harder! 

On that funny awkward note I think I’m going to wrap it up! Keep laughing and tune in later this week for more adventures!

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