Goodbye for now Naples

Hey there! Got back from Naples last night and was too pooped to write. Definitely needed a little rest and recovery after this trip. I need to build up my skiing stamina… 

Leaving Naples was difficult. It took me about two hours to even hit the road. There were so many things I wanted to see, but also wanted to get home at a decent time.(Had to get back for my Monday night Batchelor night!) I did some hiking at Grimes Glen Park in Naples. There are three waterfalls in this cute little park. I only got a chance to see two of the three. I couldn’t make it to the third in the winter. Yet another reason I will be heading back in the summer. Also got a chance to check out Canandaigua Lake, which is one of the finger lakes in New York! It was a beautiful crystal clear, blue lake. Even though it was frozen over, it was still amazing to see. I can only imagine how great it would be to relax there in the summer with the mountains in the background. I was also stopping every five seconds trying to leave town, to take pictures!

On my way out of town I found a few different hidden lakes and rivers with mini waterfalls. There is no shame in my game when I say, I used my rental car like it was my own! Did some two tracking every chance I got. Man am I glad I did, I would have never found the amazing waterfalls I did if I hadn’t gotten off the main road. I love taking the road less traveled, even if it tacks on a few extra minutes. It’s important not to get caught up with making good time, if it means missing something amazing. I usually am a very impatient person, but when it comes to the woods, I could wonder around forever. 

I also made a little pit stop at Allegany State Park! Most of this park lands in Pennsylvania, but a little tip of it is in New York. The summit of this park is about 2,100 feet. It was absolutely gorgeous! Entering the park there was a little pull off and you could see the little town of Salamanca below. I could have driven around that park forever. I found a cute little group of rentable cabins at the top of the mountain. I would love to do a little research and find out how much they rent for. There were plenty of lakes, rivers, cross country skiing paths, hiking trails and mountain biking trails! There were a few roads that were closed for the season, and I can’t wait to roll through again during the summer. 

I am so happy I finally got a chance to see a part of New York other than the City. I feel that most people only think of New York as New York City, but there is so much more this wonderful state has to offer. I cannot wait to explore even more of New York! I would love to head even farther north and check out the Adirondack Mountains. Here’s to next time.

No matter where I go, it is always amazing to come home to people who care about you. Life is all about surrounding yourself with things you care about. Adventuring is great, but nothing compares to the support of loved ones! I would not have the drive to go do all the crazy things that I do if it weren’t for the support I have from my family and friends. So thank you to everyone that supports my craziness, I love you to the moon and back! 

Keep your head up, tomorrow is another day! 

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