Made It To Naples!!

Made it to my Airbnb safe and sound! The drive was amazing, didn’t run into any bad traffic and I made it in a better time then the GPS said. (Like always!) It was about a seven and a half hour drive. Unfortunately the best part of the drive was in the dark but my imagination was running wild! 

Let’s start with the Airbnb, because I am just absolutely blown away. This Airbnb runs laps around the one I stayed in down in St. Louis. My host is magnificent! She greeted me at the door with a plate of Cookies and a Fire already started in the fire place! I think I am going to find a way for this wonderful woman to adopt me! Perhaps I can persuade her by inviting her out for wine to one of the many wineries she said are within 15 minutes of the house. Just one idea I am cooking up! Her home is up in the mountains on a farm, I am pretty sure. I will have to wait and wake up in the Morning to find out. 

This leads me to the drive to New York. First off I love driving (you should get to know this fact about me), definitely one of my top five favorite activities. I always forget how much i love traveling and seeing new places till I do it again. I cannt believe I could forget the feeling I get. I literally had a smile on my face for the whole drive through New York and like I said it was dark the entire way after Cleveland… But the shadows of the mountains with the moon peaking out behind them painted a whole different picture than it would in the day light! All I kept thinking was, man I wish I could just shine a giant flashlight on these mountains and see what they look like. But than one of my favorite thoughts from the drive popped into my head, “why are some of the most beautiful things are hidden in darkness”. I am quite the thinker when left alone with my own thoughts.

This leads me into expressing how mind clearing this drive was. Before I left I had a discussion with my mom about how “running away” when you are stressed isn’t the answer. For me getting out of town or even just going for a walk in the woods isn’t running away. It is simply unplugging myself from the situation, which allows me to clear my mind and get a new perspective on the issue. This long weekend away will help me learn something about myself and grow. Maybe with a new perspective my stresses back home will seem different or easier or maybe I will find a solution out here in the middle of nowhere. 

That is enough for tonight! Even though I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to fall asleep because I just want to sun to come out so I can see all this beauty around me. I need to put all these imaginary images to shame with the actual sensory! 

Goodnight folks and stay tuned for my ski stories tomorrow! There will be plenty of pictures on Instagram and Snapchat.

Stay beautiful out there and keep that smile on ๐Ÿ™‚

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