Bristol Mountain!!

Today was one for the books for sure! Bristol Mountain is beautiful and so is the little town of Naples, NY. Friendly, helpful people everywhere. Not only is this town a great place to visit in the winter, but the the locals say it gets even better in the summer!

Back to Bristol Mountain. One  thing I learned today was, I am not as much of a bad ass skier as I thought! Reality check, Michigan skiing has nothing on New York skiing. I can’t even imagine what it’s like out west. I need to sharpen up my skills before I plan a ski trip to Colorado, that’s for sure. It took one nasty fall on an intermediate hill to put me right in my place! My cockiness got the best of me today. I will most definitely be sore tomorrow. The only thing that got horribly hurt was my pride and ego. After I ate shit a five year old went skiing past me, no problem…. lesson taken; my kids will be skiing as soon as the boot fits! This has lit a fire under my bum to get out and do more skiing in the winter then I have in the past. I will be back to dominate more than just the easy stuff, that is a promise!

After a long day on the slopes I decided to hit up a winery. Fun fact Naples is a wine valley! One of the main reasons I fell in love. I am a wineO for sure. I got a chance to stop at Hazlitt’s Red Cat Cellar. Some of the greatest people you will meet and full of facts about the wineries around the finger lakes! I have a few festival dates I will need to check out thanks to them. Hazlitt’s is a six generation ran winery that has a pretty amazing selection. I was very impressed. 

Tomorrow I will do a little more exploring in town before heading home. I got a couple of tips where I could find a few waterfalls around town! Still torn between going home the same way I came, so I can see all the amazing things I missed in the dark or going to see Niagara Falls! I have my passport and I have been told the Canadian side is the side to see. I guess we will just see what happens when I wake up. 

One thing is for sure, Naples has stolen a little peace of my heart! I want to thank all the amazing people I met for the wonderful experience. I will most definitely be back to see this place in the summer!

There will be more pictures up on Instagram and Snapchat sooo stay tuned!

Keep smiling you beautiful people you!

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