Tomorrow’s The Day!

Good Evening Lovelys,

Today was a great day! Started of with a quick Car Karaoke sesh and all smiles on my way to work. No better way to start the day if you ask me! I am probably most excited because Tomorrow is The Day! Ski trip to Bristol Mountain! I am hitting the road at 1 for my solo adventure. It’s about an 8 hour drive but I am excited for the mind clearing ride. 

I have not done many solo adventures but 2017 is the year! I am calling this Year my “Yes” Year. I am saying yes to anything that I have the opportunity to do that makes me step outside my bubble! It might not sound like a big deal to some people but with this trip I am hoping to eat dinner out solo. I have never had the balls to do it before, so this weekend is the weekend! 

I have become fond of blogging on my evening bike ride at the gym. It helps me keep my mind off of the “working out” aspect of it and by the time I am done writing it is time to be done with my bike ride! Can’t wait to share my adventures with you all this weekend. 

Have a great night and talk to you soon, keep smiling ☺️

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