Being Replaced…

No one like being replaced, whether it be by choice or not. I am currently in the middle of changing jobs and I am having to watch the hiring process of my replacement. I didn’t think this would affect me as much as it has. I thought “No big deal, I’m moving on, this will be fine”. This has unleashed a strong territorial feeling inside of me. It has also opened a door for me to look into how I can be territorial in my personal life as well. 

I have grown apart from a few of my friends due to my territorialness. I knew I was the jealous type but it wasn’t till I was getting replaced in my work life that I saw how territorial I could be. Life is always about moving forward. It is alright to ask for forgiveness of your pass mistakes, but it will never be the same as it was. You need to keep your head up and moving forward. Everything happens for a reason. (Or so that’s what I keep telling myself). 

As far as the job goes, I am trying to stay as positive as possible and welcome this change with open arms. With the mindset that I will get to be the new person somewhere else! Life is full of change, good or bad. What really matter is how you embrace the change in your life. It is important to keep yourself surrounded by positivness during times of change. It is easy to find yourself spiraling downward with negativity. 

Keep your chin up out there! I’m here with you!

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