Two Weeks In and Dancing On

Hellllo friends, coming to you for Kansas City! CRU is finally in full swing. Second weekend on the road and this weekend was exactly what I needed after last weekend. 

Last weekend kicked off my dance competition life! I headed off to the Windy City. I love that Chicago with all my heart. It was a great weekend with long hours, but well worth it to see my CRU family again. This weekend was Kansas City, which is our city of the perfect mix of west coast and east coast. I got to see some of our amazing west coast staff I hadn’t see in a long time. The dances were so great this weekend. It is wonderful to get to watch a routine you know these kids poured their hearts into! My jobs definitely keep me busy but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I cannot explain how incredibly happy I am to be part of this family and to grow with the experiences I am getting. I honestly could not imagine who I would be without the experiences I have gotten working with CRU Dance! Not only have a learned a lot about myself in the past three seasons but I have also gained a new love for the art of dance. I love people who share a drive for passion like I do. To me dancers overflow with passion. I have learned that you have to be passionate about dance if you want to be good at dance or it just won’t work. 

Jump back to my new job in Grand Rapids… This week is going to be a short one for sure. I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before I hit the road to Basking Ridge! I wish my life could be this Go Go Go all the time. I am young, ambitious and optimistic and I need a face pace life style to keep me entertained. I don’t hate the traveling around the country part either. I would hands down rather be work stressed then personal, emotional stressed any day. Sleeping in is a memory of the past, but who needs sleep when you are living the dream?! I do miss my little monster (Ram) back home and he will get plenty of cuddles the three nights I am there.

I was just filled with excitement from the weekend and had to get this out. I know it was short and disorganized, but at least you know I am alive and well. I lack a lot of motivation at night during the week so I took this high and ran with it. I will keep you guys posted on Basking Ridge! That is me work/fun weekend. I am heading to Philadelphia after the competition and I’m going to see what kinda trouble I can get in to! Night y’all, keep yourself positive; no matter what brings you down!

I Got Feelings…

Alright, alright I’m not talking about emotions, although I do have a lot of those too. I have those gut feeling, you know the ones.. The ones that make you smile for no reason at all, the ones that put you at peace when you are at your lowest of lows. The ones that make you know everything is going to be fine. I have been having a lot of those feelings lately and I kinda just want to get them out of my head and out here for you all to know about. Maybe they will help you guys with those little feelings you think you’ve been having, but have been pushing them to the back of your mind! 

It wasn’t too long ago that I said to one of my friends, “So… I have feelings, you know” and she said “wow, that’s great. Good for you.” It was all fun and was good for a laugh, but these feeling have been roaring lately and I can’t help but think it’s a positive sign of what’s to come. One of the first feelings I’ve been having is about work. I have always thought it would be fun to experience city life. To experience the convenience and energy of a city. Yes, Grand Rapids might not be the city of all cities, but here I am working in Grand Rapids. I have the opportunity to experience a city. It’s funny how some people remember certain things about you that you tend to forget. My cousin reminded me a while ago that I used to love to take day trips to Grand Rapids just for the heck of it. It’s funny how when you stop to think about situations, you can see that you are just pulled to certain things. How was I supposed to know my love for GR would one day grow into having the opportunity work there? Little connection like that are what cause the feeling I get! I can’t help but smile when I think someone is working His magic up there to make sure I see these connection. I always try to see the big picture in life. 

One feeling I’ve been having “mixed feelings” about is in the relational field. It’s kind of like my craving to want to live in a big city and get out of my little town. I never thought it would happen, but just like that, here I am today. As much as I think I can see my future and exactly what I want, I know there is going to be a few twist and turns along the way! This feeling makes my heart glow. It feels good all the way to the core, that I know I will be taken care of when I least expect it. When that day comes I will look back at all the little gears and connection that went into place to give me what I have in that moment and what I craved for. Life has a funny way of spiraling around and round till it stops. When it stops you realize you are exactly where you need to be and the journey was more fun once it was over. Life happens at its own pace and there is nothing we can do to speed it up or slow it down as much as you wish you could. I’m still working on my patience. But it’s nights like tonight, when my Feelings are burning, that I smile and know everything is going to work out!

Hope my random evening thoughts help you guys sort though your feelings. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to always listen to your gut. Your heart can get misled by love and infatuation. Your mind can get clouded in the land of dreams. As for your gut, it always finds a way through “Loveland” and “Dreamland” to get you right to Peaceland. 

Night y’all, keep those feelings strong!

It’s Monday!

Happy Monday bloggers!

First things first, I am declaring march the month of productivity. I am setting up for a busy month and I am hoping that will lead to a solid productive month. It will all be about balancing work and play. I will have to find some free time to keep myself sane! I am wishing you all a productive happy March as well!

Things coming up in march, this weekend starts my CRU life style. Which I have missed so much! I am heading to Chicago this weekend, which is followed by a four day work week in Grand Rapids. Which is then followed by hitting the road Thursday night for Kansas City’s competition. I’ll get back Monday night for a three day work week, to jump right back on the road Thursday for Basking Ridge. Basking Ridge is my favorite competition because it is only an hour away from New York City!! I like to be a little selfish when it comes to this trip and take a day to go into the city. New York is definitely not my favorite city but there is something about the energy of the city I just love! I like to make little pit stops along the way into New Jersey because the New Jersey/Pennsylvania boarder is just so beautiful. It is nice to get out and stretch my legs with a little hike along the way. 

I am so excited to start back up with the dance company. I have met such Incredible people through this company and my life would not be the same without the opportunities this company has given me. It has opened my eyes to my passion for traveling and my drive to pursue a career in the entertainment/event managing industry. I have found that I work best in a fast pace, in your face, get stuff done kind of environment! I need a job that keeps me on my toes. 

Enough about work, you will get filled in with all the trips and adventures later this month. I have decided I’m going to keep a scrap piece of paper to write all my thoughts down on throughout the day. A.) because I don’t want to forget a thing, B.) I feel like handwriting is lost and I want to brush up on my writing skills. I’m hoping writing my thoughts down during he day will give me a little more motivation to blog at night. I have found that I enjoy free styling a little bit more then just typing out what I’ve written for the day. I will find a happy mix eventually! 

On a random side note, (that’s what life’s really all about, is side notes) I cannot get this crazy dream out of my head. It has literally been stuck up there all day! So if anyone has any good ideas on how to get dreams out of your head, please let me know. I’ll think it goes away and then I find myself laughing and telling myself, “Whoa girl, you crazy! Put that dream away..” Speaking of laughing… I think it is important to be able to laugh at yourself. I don’t know how many times a week I laugh out loud at my own jokes. Then like a crazy person I look around for someone to tell this hilarious joke to and no one is around. this only makes me laugh harder! 

On that funny awkward note I think I’m going to wrap it up! Keep laughing and tune in later this week for more adventures!

I’m Still Alive

Life has been crazy! A lot has happened in the past month and it is time to catch you up! I have a new job, a new car, I got to see an amazing show, and I have a lot more coming up! I am motivated and ready to get back on that blogging train, summer is around the corner and I’ll have a lot of new adventures.

First things first, NEW JOB! Holy cow! I am no longer working at the coffee shop and I am only traveling on the weekends for my dance competition company. I have a “big girl” corporate America job…You are now reading about an administrative assistant at a plastic injection company in Grand Rapids. It is definitely a change of pace from what I am used to. This job is going to open more doors for me down the road, I will just have to be patient. I love the commute and I hope to move to GR soon! I am getting some things organized and trying to save up a little money. I am still traveling for my dance competition company on the weekends! The season has started and I am traveling to Chicago next weekend, it is getting hard to contain my excitement! Like I’ve said I am a workaholic and I am ready to get back into the swing of a fast pace life! 

Next big news, I got a NEW CAR!!! I am the proud owner of a 2014 Subaru Outback! I have joined the Subaru family and I’m never looking back. His name is Barry and he is my new adventure buddy! I have already taken him out two tracking and we’ve had a blast. I have few summer vacation trips already lined up, summer could not get here fast enough! He is my baby and I plan on suiting him up nicely, there will be more pictures to come for sure. 

Fun news, I have a social life (which is one of the things that makes blogging all the time difficult) and it has been exciting lately! I have amazing friends that surprised me with a going away party for leaving my coffee shop! I am terrible at being surprised because I overthink every situation but it was still extremely appreciated, I am truly blessed. Just last weekend I had the privilege of seeing a few of my friends rock their faces off at Bell’s Brewery! Less Is More and the Nashon Holloway Band definitely gave us one heck of a show! I cannot believe I have such talented friends in my life. 

Looking forward to the future, there are some big things on the horizon! March is coming up and I get my Chicago, Kansas City, Basking Ridge, and New York trips to look forward to!  In the next four weeks I’m going to get over 2400 miles of road under my belt! Driving is my ultimate favorite thing. There is nothing more mind cleansing than jamming to some music, seeing all new towns and meeting new people! Traveling has become one of my biggest passions. I have a couple of concerts coming up in a few months and I have also sprinkled in a some summer road trips wth Barry! Stay tuned!!

That is enough for tonight! I have been brain storming a few different topics for future post. I am going to try and make it more of a priority to write everyday, read more articles and post to stay up to date and blog at least once a week! I have goals to meet and things to prove! Goodnight you wonderful creatures, I will blog at you later! Hang in there, tomorrow is a new day.

Goodbye for now Naples

Hey there! Got back from Naples last night and was too pooped to write. Definitely needed a little rest and recovery after this trip. I need to build up my skiing stamina… 

Leaving Naples was difficult. It took me about two hours to even hit the road. There were so many things I wanted to see, but also wanted to get home at a decent time.(Had to get back for my Monday night Batchelor night!) I did some hiking at Grimes Glen Park in Naples. There are three waterfalls in this cute little park. I only got a chance to see two of the three. I couldn’t make it to the third in the winter. Yet another reason I will be heading back in the summer. Also got a chance to check out Canandaigua Lake, which is one of the finger lakes in New York! It was a beautiful crystal clear, blue lake. Even though it was frozen over, it was still amazing to see. I can only imagine how great it would be to relax there in the summer with the mountains in the background. I was also stopping every five seconds trying to leave town, to take pictures!

On my way out of town I found a few different hidden lakes and rivers with mini waterfalls. There is no shame in my game when I say, I used my rental car like it was my own! Did some two tracking every chance I got. Man am I glad I did, I would have never found the amazing waterfalls I did if I hadn’t gotten off the main road. I love taking the road less traveled, even if it tacks on a few extra minutes. It’s important not to get caught up with making good time, if it means missing something amazing. I usually am a very impatient person, but when it comes to the woods, I could wonder around forever. 

I also made a little pit stop at Allegany State Park! Most of this park lands in Pennsylvania, but a little tip of it is in New York. The summit of this park is about 2,100 feet. It was absolutely gorgeous! Entering the park there was a little pull off and you could see the little town of Salamanca below. I could have driven around that park forever. I found a cute little group of rentable cabins at the top of the mountain. I would love to do a little research and find out how much they rent for. There were plenty of lakes, rivers, cross country skiing paths, hiking trails and mountain biking trails! There were a few roads that were closed for the season, and I can’t wait to roll through again during the summer. 

I am so happy I finally got a chance to see a part of New York other than the City. I feel that most people only think of New York as New York City, but there is so much more this wonderful state has to offer. I cannot wait to explore even more of New York! I would love to head even farther north and check out the Adirondack Mountains. Here’s to next time.

No matter where I go, it is always amazing to come home to people who care about you. Life is all about surrounding yourself with things you care about. Adventuring is great, but nothing compares to the support of loved ones! I would not have the drive to go do all the crazy things that I do if it weren’t for the support I have from my family and friends. So thank you to everyone that supports my craziness, I love you to the moon and back! 

Keep your head up, tomorrow is another day! 

Bristol Mountain!!

Today was one for the books for sure! Bristol Mountain is beautiful and so is the little town of Naples, NY. Friendly, helpful people everywhere. Not only is this town a great place to visit in the winter, but the the locals say it gets even better in the summer!

Back to Bristol Mountain. One  thing I learned today was, I am not as much of a bad ass skier as I thought! Reality check, Michigan skiing has nothing on New York skiing. I can’t even imagine what it’s like out west. I need to sharpen up my skills before I plan a ski trip to Colorado, that’s for sure. It took one nasty fall on an intermediate hill to put me right in my place! My cockiness got the best of me today. I will most definitely be sore tomorrow. The only thing that got horribly hurt was my pride and ego. After I ate shit a five year old went skiing past me, no problem…. lesson taken; my kids will be skiing as soon as the boot fits! This has lit a fire under my bum to get out and do more skiing in the winter then I have in the past. I will be back to dominate more than just the easy stuff, that is a promise!

After a long day on the slopes I decided to hit up a winery. Fun fact Naples is a wine valley! One of the main reasons I fell in love. I am a wineO for sure. I got a chance to stop at Hazlitt’s Red Cat Cellar. Some of the greatest people you will meet and full of facts about the wineries around the finger lakes! I have a few festival dates I will need to check out thanks to them. Hazlitt’s is a six generation ran winery that has a pretty amazing selection. I was very impressed. 

Tomorrow I will do a little more exploring in town before heading home. I got a couple of tips where I could find a few waterfalls around town! Still torn between going home the same way I came, so I can see all the amazing things I missed in the dark or going to see Niagara Falls! I have my passport and I have been told the Canadian side is the side to see. I guess we will just see what happens when I wake up. 

One thing is for sure, Naples has stolen a little peace of my heart! I want to thank all the amazing people I met for the wonderful experience. I will most definitely be back to see this place in the summer!

There will be more pictures up on Instagram and Snapchat sooo stay tuned!

Keep smiling you beautiful people you!

Made It To Naples!!

Made it to my Airbnb safe and sound! The drive was amazing, didn’t run into any bad traffic and I made it in a better time then the GPS said. (Like always!) It was about a seven and a half hour drive. Unfortunately the best part of the drive was in the dark but my imagination was running wild! 

Let’s start with the Airbnb, because I am just absolutely blown away. This Airbnb runs laps around the one I stayed in down in St. Louis. My host is magnificent! She greeted me at the door with a plate of Cookies and a Fire already started in the fire place! I think I am going to find a way for this wonderful woman to adopt me! Perhaps I can persuade her by inviting her out for wine to one of the many wineries she said are within 15 minutes of the house. Just one idea I am cooking up! Her home is up in the mountains on a farm, I am pretty sure. I will have to wait and wake up in the Morning to find out. 

This leads me to the drive to New York. First off I love driving (you should get to know this fact about me), definitely one of my top five favorite activities. I always forget how much i love traveling and seeing new places till I do it again. I cannt believe I could forget the feeling I get. I literally had a smile on my face for the whole drive through New York and like I said it was dark the entire way after Cleveland… But the shadows of the mountains with the moon peaking out behind them painted a whole different picture than it would in the day light! All I kept thinking was, man I wish I could just shine a giant flashlight on these mountains and see what they look like. But than one of my favorite thoughts from the drive popped into my head, “why are some of the most beautiful things are hidden in darkness”. I am quite the thinker when left alone with my own thoughts.

This leads me into expressing how mind clearing this drive was. Before I left I had a discussion with my mom about how “running away” when you are stressed isn’t the answer. For me getting out of town or even just going for a walk in the woods isn’t running away. It is simply unplugging myself from the situation, which allows me to clear my mind and get a new perspective on the issue. This long weekend away will help me learn something about myself and grow. Maybe with a new perspective my stresses back home will seem different or easier or maybe I will find a solution out here in the middle of nowhere. 

That is enough for tonight! Even though I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to fall asleep because I just want to sun to come out so I can see all this beauty around me. I need to put all these imaginary images to shame with the actual sensory! 

Goodnight folks and stay tuned for my ski stories tomorrow! There will be plenty of pictures on Instagram and Snapchat.

Stay beautiful out there and keep that smile on 🙂

Tomorrow’s The Day!

Good Evening Lovelys,

Today was a great day! Started of with a quick Car Karaoke sesh and all smiles on my way to work. No better way to start the day if you ask me! I am probably most excited because Tomorrow is The Day! Ski trip to Bristol Mountain! I am hitting the road at 1 for my solo adventure. It’s about an 8 hour drive but I am excited for the mind clearing ride. 

I have not done many solo adventures but 2017 is the year! I am calling this Year my “Yes” Year. I am saying yes to anything that I have the opportunity to do that makes me step outside my bubble! It might not sound like a big deal to some people but with this trip I am hoping to eat dinner out solo. I have never had the balls to do it before, so this weekend is the weekend! 

I have become fond of blogging on my evening bike ride at the gym. It helps me keep my mind off of the “working out” aspect of it and by the time I am done writing it is time to be done with my bike ride! Can’t wait to share my adventures with you all this weekend. 

Have a great night and talk to you soon, keep smiling ☺️

Being Replaced…

No one like being replaced, whether it be by choice or not. I am currently in the middle of changing jobs and I am having to watch the hiring process of my replacement. I didn’t think this would affect me as much as it has. I thought “No big deal, I’m moving on, this will be fine”. This has unleashed a strong territorial feeling inside of me. It has also opened a door for me to look into how I can be territorial in my personal life as well. 

I have grown apart from a few of my friends due to my territorialness. I knew I was the jealous type but it wasn’t till I was getting replaced in my work life that I saw how territorial I could be. Life is always about moving forward. It is alright to ask for forgiveness of your pass mistakes, but it will never be the same as it was. You need to keep your head up and moving forward. Everything happens for a reason. (Or so that’s what I keep telling myself). 

As far as the job goes, I am trying to stay as positive as possible and welcome this change with open arms. With the mindset that I will get to be the new person somewhere else! Life is full of change, good or bad. What really matter is how you embrace the change in your life. It is important to keep yourself surrounded by positivness during times of change. It is easy to find yourself spiraling downward with negativity. 

Keep your chin up out there! I’m here with you!

What’s Up Next?

Whelp despite my mothers $300 bribe, I will be heading to New York to do some skiing this Saturday! I am pretty stoked. Outside of skiing in Northern Michigan (Petoskey), I haven’t done too much bigger mountain skiing. I am heading to Bristol Mountain. So if anyone has ever been here or heard of it, what me know what you think!

I am renting a car and hitting the road! Flying solo on this adventure. It is going to be a short little trip but it is going to be well worth it I’m sure! Heading to Naples, NY. I’ve never been here before but from the looks of my Airbnb and the light research I have done, it looks like a neat little town! There will be plenty of pictures and tails to come, so stay posted!

Your Young Adventurer!